As the world starts to mend, there is a greater need for community building.  

Now more than ever, our Needham residents who are battling Alzheimer’s and dementia need our help.  

By shifting our focus inward, Needham Goes Purple will strive to identify local programming and services that are aimed towards our most vulnerable citizens. 

We hope to begin fundraising this spring.  Please check back soon.

Join The Fight

Needham Goes Purple empowers our local community to create a global impact with the hopes
of ending Alzheimer’s disease in our lifetime.

Why You Should Go Purple?



Our mission is to support Needham residents living with
Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

Get Involved

Join our team, support your community,  and make a difference


Our vision is to engage the Needham community in the
fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

Why we go Purple?


Suzanne and her Dad

I go PURPLE for my father. Before my dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 65, he enjoyed life to its fullest.  He was passionate about running his business, playing and watching tennis, boating and spending time with family and friends. He was known for his sense of humor.  Alzheimer’s robbed our dad of all of that but more importantly, what would have been his greatest achievement in life, being a grandfather. My dad lost his battle 10 years later at the age of 75.  I miss him every day and will continue this fight until there is a cure for this insidious disease.

Kate and her mom

I go PURPLE for my mother.  My mother was smart, funny and the center of our family.  Fifteen years ago, when my mother was just 72 years old, we started to notice that something was not right.  She seemed confused and unable to focus. Simple tasks like going to the store became a challenge. Receiving the diagnosis that my mother had dementia was devastating.  

Lara and her Dad

I go PURPLE for my dad.  Four years ago, my kind, hardworking, and overall amazing dad was given an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.  In that instant, life as we knew it changed – not only for my dad but for his loved ones. Like any other challenge, he faces this disease with courage, dignity and grace as the disease slowly chips away at his memory.  For 47 years, my dad has had my back and now it’s my turn. I joined Needham Goes Purple to fight for him and the millions of others living with Alzheimer’s. Together we can raise awareness and funds to find a cure so that no one else has to watch a loved one battle this horrific disease.